The Murray Group Limited is a Road Construction company, established 1926 in Moorefield (Mapleton and Drayton area) Ontario, Canada.

  • Sand & Gravel

  • Road Granular A & B

  • Clear Products (HL3, HL4, Concrete Stone)

  • Recycled Concrete & Asphalt

  • Highway and Street Construction

  • Custom Aggregate Crushing & Screening

  • High Quality Aggregate Supply

  • Custom Machining & Fabrication 


Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an accreditation program that verifies that a construction-related company’s health and safety program has reached a national standard. When you do business with COR certified company you can be assured that risks of injuries and accidents have been dramatically reduced. Moreover, COR certified companies will possess a health and safety management system, which is developed, assessed, and audited annually.

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With our head office based in Moorefield, ON, we service Southwestern Ontario in the Counties of Wellington, Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth and Dufferin.

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The Murray Group Limited
83 McGivern St., P.O. Box 40
Moorefield ON, N0G 2K0

Phone #: 519-638-3077

Toll Free #: +1 (800) 387-9917
Fax #: 519-638-2550

CAREERS: careers@murraygroup.ca

ESTIMATING: estimating@murraygroup.ca